Exhibit 21.1

Subsidiaries of The Coca-Cola Company
As of December 31, 2020
Organized Under Laws of:
The Coca-Cola CompanyDelaware
ACCBC Holding Company LLCGeorgia
Atlantic IndustriesCayman Islands
Barlan, Inc.Delaware
Beverage Brands S.R.L.Peru
Beverage Financial Centre Unlimited CompanyIreland
Beverage Services LimitedUnited Kingdom
C.H.I. LimitedNigeria
Caribbean Refrescos, Inc.Delaware
CCHBC Grouping, Inc.Delaware
Coca-Cola (China) Investment LimitedChina
Coca-Cola (Japan) Company, LimitedJapan
Coca-Cola Africa (Pty) LimitedSouth Africa
Coca-Cola Beverages (Shanghai) Company LimitedChina
Coca-Cola Beverages Africa Proprietary LimitedSouth Africa
Coca-Cola Beverages Asia Holdings SARLLuxembourg
Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines, Inc.Philippines
Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam Ltd.Vietnam
Coca-Cola de Chile S.A. Chile
Coca-Cola Holdings (Asia) LimitedHong Kong
Coca-Cola Holdings (Overseas) LimitedDelaware
Coca-Cola Holdings (United Kingdom) LimitedUnited Kingdom
Coca-Cola Holdings Africa LimitedUnited Kingdom
Coca-Cola India Private LimitedIndia
Coca-Cola Indochina Pte LtdSingapore
Coca-Cola Industrias Limitada — BrazilBrazil
Coca-Cola Industrias, Sociedad de Responsabilidad LimitadaCosta Rica
Coca-Cola Korea Company, LimitedKorea, Republic of
Coca-Cola Ltd.Canada
Coca-Cola Midi S.A.S.France
Coca-Cola Oasis LLCDelaware
Coca-Cola Overseas Parent LimitedDelaware
Coca-Cola Refreshments USA, LLCDelaware
Coca-Cola South Asia (India) Holdings LimitedHong Kong
Coca-Cola South Asia Holdings, Inc.Delaware
Coca-Cola South Pacific Pty LimitedAustralia
Conco Ltd.Cayman Islands
Corporacion Inca Kola Peru S.R.L.Peru
Costa LimitedUnited Kingdom
Dulux CBAI 2003 B.V.Netherlands
Energy Brands Inc.New York
European RefreshmentsIreland

Subsidiaries of The Coca-Cola Company
As of December 31, 2020
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Organized Under Laws of:
fairlife, LLCDelaware
Fresh Trading LimitedUnited Kingdom
Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Private LimitedIndia
Hindustan Coca-Cola Holdings Private LimitedIndia
Hindustan Coca-Cola Overseas Holdings Pte. LimitedSingapore
Pacific Refreshments Pte. Ltd.Singapore
Recofarma Industria do Amazonas Ltda.Brazil
Red Life Reinsurance LimitedBermuda
Red Re Captive Insurance Company, Inc.Georgia
Refreshment Product Services, Inc.Delaware
S.A. Coca-Cola Services N.V.Belgium
Servicios Integrados de Administracion y Alta Gerencia, S. de R.L. de C.V. Mexico
The Coca-Cola Export CorporationDelaware
The Coca-Cola Trading Company LLCDelaware
The Inmex CorporationFlorida
Varoise de Concentres S.A.S.France

Pursuant to Item 601(b)(21) of Regulation S–K, we have omitted some subsidiaries that, considered in the aggregate as a single subsidiary, would not constitute a significant subsidiary as of December 31, 2020 under Rule 1–02(w) of Regulation S–X.