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Exhibit 10.33.1


Effective December 31, 2002


        Effective December 31, 2002, The Coca-Cola Company adopted The Coca-Cola Company Benefits Plan for Members of the Board of Directors (the "Plan"). The purpose of the Plan is to provide certain individuals certain welfare benefits described in this Plan, in the Summary Plan Description (as amended, renamed, and/or replaced) for active employees, any summaries of material modification ("SMMs") issued with respect thereto (the SPD and any subsequent SMMs collectively shall be referred to herein as the "SPD"), and in any other applicable certificates of insurance coverage.

        The SPD is attached hereto as Appendix B and is hereby incorporated by reference with those portions describing employee welfare benefits constituting a part of this Plan, except as set forth in a separate written plan document. The employee welfare benefits that are part of this Plan are identified in Appendix A of this Plan. Different versions of the SPD may apply to different classifications of individuals. In such case, the version(s) of the SPD applicable to such classification(s) of Eligible Individuals shall control.


        Except as otherwise provided in the SPD, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

        "Benefits" means the various welfare benefits made available to Eligible Individuals and their Dependents hereunder, as set forth in Appendix A. The component Benefits are described in more detail in the SPD. The manner by which such Benefits are provided, e.g., insured, self-funded, etc., and the entity(ies) responsible for Benefit administration are set forth in the SPD and any applicable certificates of insurance coverage.

        "Board" means the Company's Board of Directors.

        "Committee" shall mean the Benefits Committee appointed by the Senior Vice President, Human Resources to administer the Plan as provided in Article VII. This term is interchangeable with "Plan Administrator."

        "Company" means The Coca-Cola Company.

        "Covered Dependent" means each of the Dependents whom a Participant has elected to cover under the Plan as his or her Dependent.

        "Covered Person(s)" means a Participant and/or his Covered Dependents, whichever is applicable.

        "Dependent" means those eligible Dependents described in the plan documents for the component Benefits or in the SPD. The definition of eligible Dependent may vary for purposes of the component Benefits, and the definition contained in each Benefit description shall control.

        "Effective Date" means the effective date of this Plan document, December 31, 2002.

        "Eligible Individual" means an active or former member of the Board who is not an employee of the Company. As may be indicated in the SPD or Appendix A, different Eligible Individuals (e.g., active members or former members) may be eligible for different Benefit options.

        "Enrollment Period" means the enrollment period designated by the Plan Administrator each Plan Year (as set forth in the annual enrollment materials) during which Participants make their Benefit elections for the succeeding Plan Year.


        "Participant" means an Eligible Individual who is deemed to have completed the election procedures set forth in the SPD.

        "Plan Year" means the 12-month period beginning January 1 and ending on the subsequent December 31, or if shorter, such portion of a calendar year beginning with the date an individual becomes a Participant under this Plan and ending on December 31, or if earlier, the date when a Participant's coverage would otherwise end.


        Except as otherwise provided in the SPD, the following provisions shall govern eligibility and participation:

        3.01    Individual's Commencement of Participation.    Each Eligible Individual and Dependent shall be eligible to participate in the Plan under the terms and conditions specified in the SPD. Each Eligible Individual who is deemed to have completed the enrollment and election procedures described in the SPD may become a Participant on the date specified therein.

        3.02    Covered Dependent's Commencement of Participation.    Except as otherwise provided in the SPD, coverage with respect to a Covered Dependent will begin on the same date that coverage begins for the Participant who elects such Dependent coverage.

        3.03    Cessation of Participation.    A Participant will cease to be a Covered Person, and all Benefit coverage with respect to the Participant and his or her Covered Dependents will end, as of the earliest of:


        Except as otherwise provided in the SPD, the following provisions shall govern Plan elections:

        4.01    Election Procedures.    


        4.02    Revocation and Modification of Elections.    


        Except as otherwise provided in the SPD, the following provisions shall govern Plan Benefits:

        5.01    Benefits Available.    The Benefits which a Participant may elect shall be subject to any additional limitations or restrictions set forth in the coverage documents for each such Benefit as described in the SPD.

        5.02    Provision of Benefits.    The Company shall provide the Benefits the Participant has elected under the Plan, in accordance with the terms of such Benefits as described in the SPD, in any other applicable program, contract or document, and in accordance with any conditions or restrictions imposed by an insurance company providing any Benefit.

        5.03    Insurance Contracts.    Some or all of the Benefits provided under the Plan may, at the discretion of the Company, be provided by the purchase of insurance contracts, as described in the SPD. Any dividends, retroactive rebates, or other refunds or credits which may become payable under any insurance or health care service contracts or benefit programs shall be the property of and retained by the Company. To the extent there is any conflict between the terms of this Plan or the SPD and the insurance documents, the insurance documents shall govern.

        5.04    Benefit Costs.    The Company shall, from time to time, evaluate the funding method for the Plan. The amount of Participant contributions, if any, and the method for payment of Participant contributions will be determined by the Company and disclosed to Participants in annual enrollment information.

        5.05    Claims.    Except as otherwise provided in the SPD:


        5.06    Claims Procedure and Appeal of Benefit Denials.    The process by which a claim for benefits shall be handled by the Plan Administrator and the process by which a Participant may appeal the denial of a claim for benefits are set forth in the SPD and incorporated herein by reference. As set forth in the SPD, insurance carriers (and other entities) may serve as the claims fiduciary with regard to certain Benefits.

        5.07    Coordination of Benefits with Other Plans.    As set forth in the SPD, in the event that a Covered Person is entitled to any benefits from another plan or policy, Benefits under this Plan may be reduced to an amount, which together with all other amounts paid under any other plan or policy, will not exceed the Benefits that would in fact be eligible for reimbursement under this Plan.

        If a Covered Person is eligible for Medicare, Medicare will be primary to the extent permitted under applicable law—for example if a Covered Person receives Plan Benefits other than by virtue of current employment status.

        5.08    Reimbursement Agreement, Subrogation.    



        6.01    Amendment of Plan.    The Committee reserves the right to amend the provisions of the Plan to any extent and in any manner it desires by execution of a written document describing the intended amendment(s). The Committee may amend the SPD(s) attached hereto at any time by preparation and publication of a revised SPD (or SMM).

        6.02    Termination of Plan.    The Company shall have no obligation whatsoever to maintain the Plan or any Benefit under the Plan for any given length of time. The Company reserves the right to terminate the Plan or any Benefit option under the Plan at any time. Upon termination or discontinuance of the Plan, all elections with respect to the Plan shall terminate, and payments with respect to Benefits shall be made only with respect to claims incurred on or prior to the date of the Plan's termination.


        7.01    Committee.    The Committee shall be responsible for the general administration of the Plan. In the absence of the appointment of a Committee, the functions and powers of the Committee shall reside with the Company. The Committee shall establish regulations for the day to day administration of the Plan. The Committee and its designated agents shall have the exclusive right and discretion to interpret the terms and conditions of the Plan and to decide all matters arising with respect to the Plan's administration and operation (including factual issues). Any interpretations or decisions so made shall be conclusive and binding on all persons, subject to the claims procedures set forth in each respective coverage document. The Committee or its designee may pay the expenses of administering the Plan or may reimburse the Company or other person performing administrative services with respect to the Plan if the Company or such other person directly pays such expenses at the request of the Committee.

        7.02    Authority to Appoint Advisors and Agents.    The Committee may appoint and employ such persons as it may deem advisable and as it may require in carrying out the provisions of the Plan. To the extent permitted by law, the members of the Committee shall be fully protected by any action taken in reliance upon advice given by such persons and in reliance on tables, valuations, certificates, determinations, opinions and reports which are furnished by any accountant, counsel, claims administrator or other expert who is employed or engaged by the Committee.

        7.03    Compensation and Expenses of Committee.    The members of the Committee shall receive no compensation for its duties hereunder, but the Committee shall be reimbursed for all reasonable and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of its duties, including counsel fees and expenses. Such expenses of the Committee, including the compensation of administrators, actuaries, counsel, agents or others that the Committee may employ, shall be paid out of the general assets of the Company.


        7.04    Records.    The Committee shall keep or cause to be kept books and records with respect to the operations and administration of this Plan.

        7.05    Indemnification of Committee.    The Company agrees to indemnify and to defend to the fullest extent permitted by law any employee serving as a member of the Committee or as its delegate against all liabilities, damages, costs and expenses, including attorneys' fees and amounts paid in settlement of any claims approved by the Company, occasioned by any act or failure to act in connection with the Plan, unless such act or omission arises out of such employee's gross negligence, willful neglect or willful misconduct.

        7.06    Fiduciary Responsibility Insurance, Bonding.    If the Company has not done so, the Committee may purchase appropriate insurance on behalf of the Plan and the Plan's fiduciaries to cover liability or losses occurring by reason of the acts or omissions of a fiduciary; provided, however, that such insurance to the extent purchased by the Plan must permit recourse by the insurer against the fiduciary in the case of a breach of a fiduciary duty or obligation by such fiduciary. The cost of such insurance shall be paid out of the general assets of the Company. The Committee shall also obtain a bond covering all of the Plan's fiduciaries, to be paid from the general assets of the Company.


        8.01    Plan Is Not an Employment Contract.    This Plan is not a contract of employment, and neither the Plan nor the payment of any Benefits will be construed as giving to any person any legal or equitable right to employment by the Company.

        8.02    Assignment.    If applicable, a Covered Person may authorize the Plan to directly pay the service provider or hospital that provided the Covered Person's covered care and treatment. Except as provided in any insurance contract providing benefits under this Plan, the foregoing sentence, or as otherwise provided in any a Covered Person may not assign or alienate any payment with respect to any Benefit which a Covered Person is entitled to receive from the Plan, and further, except as may be prescribed by law, no Benefits shall be subject to attachment or garnishment of or for a Covered Person's debts or contracts, except for recovery of overpayments made on a Covered Person's behalf by this Plan.

        8.03    Fraud.    No payments with respect to Benefits under this Plan will be paid if the Covered Person or the provider of service attempts to perpetrate a fraud upon the Plan with respect to any such claim. The Plan Administrator shall have the right to make the final determination of whether a fraud has been attempted or committed upon the Plan or if a misrepresentation of fact has been made, and its decision shall be final, conclusive and binding upon all persons. The Plan shall have the right to terminate an otherwise Eligible Individual's eligibility hereunder, fully recover any amounts, with interest, improperly paid by the Plan by reason of fraud, attempted fraud or misrepresentation of fact by a Covered Person or service provider and to pursue all other legal or equitable remedies.

        8.04    Funding Status of Plan.    Benefits under the Plan may be self-funded or provided through one or more insurance contracts selected and obtained by the Plan Administrator for that purpose, or any combination of the above. No Covered Person or other person shall have any claim against, right to, or security or other interest in, any fund, account or asset of the Company from which any payment under the Plan may be made.

        8.05    Construction.    This Plan shall be construed, administered and enforced according to the laws of the State of Georgia, except to the extent preempted by federal law. The headings and subheadings are set forth for convenient reference only and have no substantive effect whatsoever. All pronouns and all variations thereof shall be deemed to refer to the masculine, feminine, neuter, singular or plural, as the identity of the person, persons or entity may require.


        8.06    Conclusiveness of Records.    The records of the Company with respect to age, employment history, illnesses and all other relevant matters shall be conclusive for purposes of the administration of, and the resolution of claims arising under, the Plan.

        8.07    Right to Require Information and Reliance Thereon.    The Company, Plan Administrator, and claims administrator shall have the right to require any Covered Person to provide it and its agents with such information, in writing, and in such form as it may deem necessary to the administration of the Plan and may rely on that information in carrying out its duties hereunder. Any payment to a Covered Person in accordance with the provisions of the Plan in good faith reliance upon any written information provided by the Covered Person shall be in full satisfaction of all claims by the Covered Person.

        8.08    Income Taxes.    Company contributions under the Plan, if any, will generally be taxable to Participants. Except as otherwise may be provided in an individual agreement, the Participant shall bear the expense of any income tax required to be withheld from any Benefit payment. In the Plan Administrator's discretion, the amount of any applicable tax may be deducted from the cash payment, or paid by the Covered Person in any other manner permitted by the Plan Administrator.

        IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, The Coca-Cola Company has caused this document to be signed by its duly authorized officer, to be effective as of December 31, 2002.





Senior Vice President, Human Resources