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(As Restated Effective December 1, 2003)

Section 1. Purpose

        The purpose of the 1989 Restricted Stock Award Plan of The Coca-Cola Company (the "Plan") is to advance the interest of The Coca-Cola Company (the "Company") and its Related Companies (as defined in Section 4 hereof), by encouraging and enabling the acquisition of a financial interest in the Company by officers and other key employees through grants of restricted shares of Company Common Stock (the "Awards", or singly, an "Award"). The Plan is intended to aid the Company and its Related Companies in retaining officers and key employees, to stimulate the efforts of such employees and to strengthen their desire to remain in the employ of the Company and its Related Companies. In addition, the Plan may also aid in attracting officers and key employees who will become eligible to participate in the Plan after a reasonable period of employment by the Company or its Related Companies.

Section 2. Administration

        The Plan shall be administered by a committee (the "Committee") appointed by the Board of Directors of the Company (the "Board") or in accordance with Section 7, Article III of the By-Laws of the Company (as amended through October 16, 2003) from among its members and shall be comprised of not less than three (3) members of the Board. Unless and until its members are not qualified to serve on the Committee pursuant to the provisions of the Plan, the Compensation Committee shall be members of the Board who are not eligible to participate in the Plan for at least one year prior to the time they become members of the Committee. Eligibility requirements for members of the Committee shall comply with Rule 16b-3 promulgated pursuant to the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the "Exchange Act") or any successor rule or regulation. The Committee shall determine the officers and key employees of the Company and its Related Companies (including officers, whether or not they are directors) to whom, and the time or times at which, Awards will be granted, the number of shares to be awarded, the time or times within which the Awards may be subject to forfeiture, and all other conditions of the Award. The provisions of the Awards need not be the same with respect to each recipient.

        The Committee is authorized, subject to the provisions of the Plan, to establish such rules and regulations as it deems necessary or advisable for the proper administration of the Plan and to take such other action in connection with or in relation to the Plan as it deems necessary or advisable. Each action made or taken pursuant to the Plan, including interpretation of the Plan and the Awards granted hereunder by the Committee, shall be final and conclusive for all purposes and upon all persons, including, without limitation, the Company and its Related Companies, the Committee, the Board, the Officers and the affected employees of the Company and/or its Related Companies and their respective successors in interest.

Section 3. Stock

        The stock to be issued under the Plan pursuant to Awards shall be shares of Common Stock, $.25 par value, of the Company (the "Stock"). The Stock shall be made available from treasury or authorized and unissued shares of Common Stock of the Company. The total number of shares of Stock that may be issued pursuant to Awards under the Plan, including those already issued, may not exceed 40,000,000 shares (subject to adjustment in accordance with Section 8). Shares of Stock previously granted pursuant to Awards, but which are forfeited pursuant to Section 5, below, shall be available for future Awards.

Section 4. Eligibility

        Awards may be granted to officers and key employees of the Company and its Related Companies who have been employed by the Company or a Related Company (but only if the Related Company is one in which the Company owns on the grant date, directly or indirectly, either (i) 50% or more of the voting stock or capital where such entity is not publicly held, or (ii) an interest which causes the Related Company's financial results to be consolidated with the Company's financial results for financial reporting purposes) for a reasonable period of time determined by the Committee. The term "Related Company" shall mean any corporation or other business organization in which the Company owns, directly or indirectly, 20 percent or more of the voting stock or capital at the applicable time. No employee shall acquire pursuant to Awards granted under the Plan more than twenty (20) percent of the aggregate number of shares of Stock issuable pursuant to Awards under the Plan.

Section 5. Awards

        Except as otherwise specifically provided in the grant of an Award, Awards shall be granted solely for services rendered to the Company or any Related Company by the employee prior to the date of the grant and shall be subject to the following terms and conditions:



Section 6. Nontransferability of Awards

        Shares of Stock subject to Awards shall not be transferable and shall not be sold, exchanged, transferred, pledged, hypothecated or otherwise disposed of at any time prior to the first to occur of Retirement on a date which is at least five (5) years from the date of grant of an Award and on or after the date on which the employee has attained the age of 62, death or disability of the recipient of an Award or a Change in Control.

Section 7. Rights as a Stockholder

        An employee who receives an Award shall have rights as a stockholder with respect to Stock covered by such Award to receive dividends in cash or other property or other distributions or rights in respect to such Stock and to vote such Stock as the record owner thereof.

Section 8. Adjustment in the Number of Shares Awarded

        In the event there is any change in the Stock through the declaration of stock dividends, through stock splits or through recapitalization or merger or consolidation or combination of shares or otherwise, the Committee or the Board shall make such adjustment, if any, as it may deem appropriate in the number of shares of Stock thereafter available for Awards.

Section 9. Taxes


Section 10. Restrictive Legend and Stock Power

        Each certificate evidencing Stock subject to Awards shall bear an appropriate legend referring to the terms, conditions and restrictions applicable to such award. Any attempt to dispose of Stock in contravention of such terms, conditions, and restrictions shall be ineffective. The Committee may adopt rules which provide that the certificates evidencing such shares may be held in custody by a bank or other institution, or that the Company may itself hold such shares in custody until the restrictions thereon shall have lapsed and may require, as a condition of any Award, that the recipient shall have delivered a stock power endorsed in blank relating to the Stock covered by such Award.

Section 11. Amendments, Modifications and Termination of Plan

        The Board or the Committee may terminate the Plan, in whole or in part, may suspend the Plan, in whole or in part from time to time, and may amend the Plan from time to time, including the adoption of amendments deemed necessary or desirable to qualify the Awards under the laws of various states (including tax laws) and under rules and regulations promulgated by the Securities and Exchange Commission with respect to employees who are subject to the provisions of Section 16 of the Exchange Act, or to correct any defect or supply an omission or reconcile any inconsistency in the Plan or in any Award granted thereunder, without the approval of the stock holders of the Company; provided, however, that no action shall be taken without the approval of the stockholders of the Company which may increase the number of shares of Stock available for Awards or withdraw administration from the Committee, or permit any person while a member of the Committee to be eligible to receive an Award. Without limiting the foregoing, the Board of Directors or the Committee may make amendments applicable or inapplicable only to participants who are subject to Section 16 of the Exchange Act. No amendment or termination or modification of the Plan shall in any manner affect Awards therefore granted without the consent of the employee unless the Committee has made a determination that an amendment or modification is in the best interest of all persons to whom Awards have theretofore been granted. The Board or the Committee may modify or remove restrictions contained in Sections 5 and 6 on an Award or the Awards as a whole which have been previously granted upon a determination that such action is in the best interest of the Company. The Plan shall terminate when (a) all Awards authorized under the Plan have been granted and (b) all shares of Stock subject to Awards under the Plan have been issued and are no longer subject to forfeiture under the terms hereof unless earlier terminated by the Board or the Committee.

Section 12. Governing Law

        The Plan and all determinations made and actions taken pursuant thereto shall be governed by the laws of the State of Georgia and construed in accordance therewith.



THE COCA-COLA COMPANY 1989 RESTRICTED STOCK AWARD PLAN (As Restated Effective December 1, 2003)