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Global Ventures (GV)

Global Ventures (GV)

We created a new operating segment to house the acquisition of Costa Ltd. (closed in January 2019), as well as other brands, acquisitions and investments we feel we can scale globally. Global Ventures includes Costa coffee, Monster beverages, innocent juices and smoothies, and dogadan tea. In terms of revenue, the majority of Global Ventures consists of Costa coffee followed by innocent. Together they are ~90% of total Global Ventures revenue.

Business Model Economics
Costa Coffee Retail, Food Service and RTD Full P&L
Monster Distribution Coordination Agreements Fees
Innocent Finished Goods, Juices & Smoothies Full P&L
Doga NRTD Tea Full P&L

2022 Highlights

  • Digital “Costa Club” grew to 6.4 million active users and makes up ~50% of total transaction mix.
  • Gained mid single digits of cold drink share through increased promotions, like the “Summer of Ice” campaign which increased cold beverage transactions +40% during peak periods.
  • Successfully expanded into US and Japan, two of the highest per-capita coffee consumption geographies that contribute meaningfully toward total coffee NARTD value.
  • Expansion into new categories with the launch of Costa Cha milk tea in Asia Pacific.
  • Significant capacity improvement for innocent with the completion of our new Blender facility.
  • Dogadan navigated challenging market conditions and grew margins through disciplined RGM initiatives, in order to help offset inflationary and currency pressures.
  • Monster continues to perform well, with continued double-digit unit case growth in 2022.