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Global Ventures (GV)

Global Ventures (GV)

Global Ventures includes Costa coffee, our equity investment in Monster beverages, innocent juices and smoothies, and doğadan tea. The majority of Global Ventures’ 2023 revenue consisted of Costa coffee followed by innocent. Together, Costa coffee and innocent represented ~90% of Global Ventures’ 2023 revenue.

Business Model Economics
Costa Coffee Retail, Food Service and RTD Full P&L
Monster Distribution Coordination Agreements Fees
Innocent Finished Goods, Juices & Smoothies Full P&L
Doga NRTD Tea Full P&L

2023 Highlights

    • Delivered high single-digit revenue growth and double-digit operating income growth driven by strong Costa retail results in the United Kingdom & China as well as Costa Express
    • Innocent grew revenues mid single digits in addition to improved distribution
    • Dogadan navigated challenging market conditions and grew both gross and operating margins through disciplined RGM initiatives, in order to help offset inflationary and currency pressures.
    • Monster continues to perform well, with high single-digit unit case growth in 2023.