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North America

The Coca-Cola Company’s Flagship Market

The Coca-Cola Company’s Flagship Market

North America, The Coca-Cola Company’s flagship market, includes finished goods, juice, and foodservice businesses. With over 370 million consumers, the region holds approximately $215 billion in industry value.


370+ million consumers

$215 billion in industry retail value

~28% NARTD value share

Organic Revenue Growth (Non-GAAP)

Comparable Currency Neutral Operating Income Growth (Non-GAAP)

Key Bottlers

Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling
Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages
Coca-Cola United
Coca-Cola Consolidated
Coca-Cola Canada Bottling Limited
Liberty CocaCola Beverages
Coca-Cola Beverages Northeast
Coca-Cola Beverages Florida
Great Lakes Coca-Cola

Continuing the Growth Momentum in North America

Watch Jim Dinkins, the former president of Coca-Cola North America speak about continuing the growth momentum in North America.

2020 Unit Case Volume by Category*

*Numbers may not add to 100 due to rounding.

Value Share Position


Sparkling Soft Drinks


Juice, Dairy & Plant




Tea & Coffee



2020 Highlights

  • North America performance remained impacted by pressure in Away-from-home channels due to coronavirus related restrictions
  • Coca-Cola Zero Sugar grew 2% for the year. Mini cans continue to grow double digits annually.
  • Sparkling water trends remained robust with the expansion of AHA and Topo Chico Mineral Water
  • Strong system alignment as our bottling partners continue to invest behind our innovation and RGM agenda

Quality Leadership in Action

Driving Growth in Our Flagship Market

Constant innovation is crucial for sustained growth. Trademark Coca-Cola has momentum because it has been continually updated to maintain its relevance. Globally, Trademark Coca-Cola growth is driven by an accelerated pace of innovation and optimizing price/pack architecture in the marketplace. The largest contributor to retail value acceleration has been flagship U.S. market, driven by continued solid volume growth in Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, in addition to strong growth in smaller packages, led by double digit growth in 7.5-oz. mini cans.