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A balanced focus on brands while responding to emerging consumer trends.

Our Strategy

We are a networked global organization that combines the benefits of scale with deep local intimacy required to win in the marketplace. We deliver results through many different operating environments by continuously improving our world-class marketing and innovation, revenue growth management and integrated execution with our franchise bottling partners.

Our Strategy

Long-Term Growth Potential

There is a significant long-term growth opportunity for both the industry and our company. We operate in a global beverage industry that has a long, sustained track record of driving growth, and there is compelling long-term growth potential for us across the world.

Population Chart

(a) Number of times industry retail value growth has been within a % range on a 3-year CAGR basis
(b) Data represents internal estimates of top 37 markets
(c) Represents population that does not consume commercial beverages
(d) Represents Weekly+ drinkers

Over the past three decades, the beverage industry has benefitted from a relatively consistent pattern of growth. In developed markets, which comprise approximately 20% of the global population, The Coca-Cola Company has significant headroom to gain share from competitors. In developed markets, nearly 90% of the population drinks commercial beverages, yet only about 30% of this population drinks a Coca-Cola Company product at least once per-week. In developing and emerging markets, which comprise approximately 80% of the global population, the majority of potential drinkers do not consume any commercial beverages. The Coca-Cola Company has a significant opportunity to develop the beverage industry from the ground up. We believe both the scale of the Coca-Cola system and our growth mindset are key differentiations to satisfy the evolving daily needs of people throughout the world.

Loved Brands

We have a powerful portfolio of brands to take advantage of this long-term growth opportunity. We’ve developed data and technology capabilities to better segment our consumers so that we appropriately match their needs and desires with a powerful portfolio of products, allowing us to continue to remain consumer centric while remaining disciplined in our approach.

Our brands include:


* Schweppes is owned by the Company in certain countries outside the United States.
** In the United States and Canada, the Company authorizes third parties to use certain Topo Chico Hard Seltzer and Simply Spiked trademarks and related intellectual property in the production, distribution, marketing and sale of Topo Chico Hard Seltzer and Simply Spiked, as applicable.

Growing Our Pervasive Global Reach

Our franchise business model has enabled us to develop a strong global footprint with a local focus in markets around the world. Today, we have approximately 200 bottling partners across more than 200 countries and territories and sell our brands in more than 20 channels within approximately 31 million customer outlets globally.

System Orchestration

Note: Some bottling entities depicted on this page are independent bottling partners of The Coca-Cola Company. From time to time, the Company holds minority equity stakes in some bottling partners. Bottlers presented represent over 70% of total unit case volume.

Our Purpose

Refresh the World. Make a Difference.

Our company started in 1886 and grew with a purpose to refresh the world. This became refreshment not just in a physical sense but also in spirit, and not just to refresh people but also communities.

Today, we are a total beverage company. We’re present in almost every beverage category, and we have approximately 200 master brands. Over 700,000 people in our system help deliver those brands to customers and consumers every day. The Coca‑Cola Company’s purpose remains clear: To refresh the world and make a difference.

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Our Vision

Total Beverage Company

Our vision is to craft the brands and choice of drinks that people love, to refresh them in body and spirit. And done in ways that create a more sustainable business and better shared future that makes a difference in people’s lives, communities and our planet.

Growth Strategy

Pursuing Excellence Globally and Winning Together Locally

As we continue our journey as a total beverage company, disciplined portfolio growth plays an integral role in that journey. This disciplined portfolio growth is reinforced through a constant focus on innovation, revenue growth management and improved execution – all supported by integrated brand-building. We believe executing and improving upon these initiatives forms the foundation to deliver strong results both today, and in the years ahead.


Leading in Sustainability Through Collective Action

We have set ambitious sustainability goals that aim to drive business growth and create a better shared future. Every drink our consumers enjoy is a step forward on that journey.

Our priorities focus on water, packaging, climate, portfolio, agriculture and people & communities. These are all interconnected. We invest in solutions that help our operations, our value chain and local communities adapt to change and build long-term success.


Compounding Quality Value

In order to continue raising the performance bar within our organization, we are focused on investing in our people and our capabilities in order to leverage accelerating topline growth across four key pillars of financial performance: Resource Allocation, Margin Expansion, Asset Optimization, and Cash Flow Generation.