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Corporate Strategy

A Platform for Sustained Performance

We have established a platform for sustained performance centered around disciplined portfolio growth, an aligned and engaged bottling system and winning with our stakeholders. All underpinned by digitizing our enterprise, fostering a growth culture, and growing sustainably.

Disciplined Portfolio Growth

Aligned and Engaged System

Winning with Our Stakeholders

  • Digitizing the Enterprise
  • Fostering a Growth Culture
  • Growing Sustainably

Disciplined Portfolio Growth

Our strategy for disciplined portfolio growth centers around continuous innovation, leveraging the system to lift, shift and scale leading brands around the world, and utilizing M&A as an enabler to further our growth strategy.


At The Coca-Cola Company, we continuously leverage our global network and use the insights gained from innovation centers based in various regions of the world to offer more personalized product solutions for consumers, such as tailored formulations and ingredients to match consumer tastes and lifestyles, broader packaging options and more.

About Innovation

Lift, Shift & Scale

Our global distribution footprint in over 200 markets allows us to experiment with new beverage solutions around the globe and lift, shift, and scale winning concepts quickly and efficiently into other regions. Further leveraging our competitive advantage in the marketplace.

About Lift, Shift & Scale

Consumer-centric M&A

At times, there is a need to look externally and leverage M&A to drive our total beverage portfolio. However, M&A it not a strategy in of itself but rather an enabler of our strategy. While the focus of M&A opportunities continuously evolve, what’s consistent is we remain disciplined with our allocation of capital and on the mission of M&A as an enabler of disciplined growth.

About Consumer-centric M&A

Aligned & Engaged System

A Rejuvenated System with a Shared Vision

Over the past several years, we have undergone a tremendous transformation in refranchising the majority of our company-owned bottling operations. Through the refranchising process, we have strengthened the system with great partners who are committed to excellence in the market that they serve. These partners are strategically aligned to execute and support the vision and are creating sustainable long-term value for the system.

Refranchising Transformational Benefits
  • Sharper focus on value over volume
  • Aligned financial incentives to drive better decision making
  • Gaining efficiencies through scale and improved supply chains
  • Leverage best-in-class capabilities
  • Stronger execution across global system
Winning with our Stakeholders

Winning with our Stakeholders

For a company to deliver strong shareowner returns, it must also deliver for a broad spectrum of stakeholders. The most successful companies satisfy consumers, customers, employees and communities. If they do that, shareowners are rewarded. This is the only way to succeed in business today. Therefore, we are committed to winning with all of our stakeholders for a better shared furture.

All of the above are underpinned by…

Digitizing Our Enterprise

The digital evolution is changing consumer’s behaviors, their interactions through social media, influencing the way they think, and ultimately how they shop. This evolution impacts every aspect of our system, creating the opportunity to partner in different ways with our customers and re-engineer our own supply chain and route-to-market.

Fostering Growth Culture

At The Coca-Cola Company, we understand that sustainable and profitable growth is the product of a strong culture, with a focus on our customers and consumers worldwide. As we move our business into the future, we will continue to drive a growth culture centered around curiosity, empowerment, inclusion and agility. Focusing on these behaviors enhances our work performance and helps us become a more growth-minded company.

Growing Sustainably

Across the globe and around the clock, we never stop working to give people the drinks they want and to improve the world we all share. We turn our passion for consumers into the brands people love, and create shared opportunity through growth. Please visit our Sustainability section here to learn more about our sustainability goals, objective and progress.

Goals & Progress


Replenish 100%+ Of Water Used Annually

Water neutral since 2015


100% Bottle/Can Collection By 2030

58% collection rate in 2018

Sugar Reduction

Change Recipes, Small Packs, Broader Portfolio

425,000 tons of sugar removed in 2017/2018


Reduce Carbon By 25% By 2020

Reduced by 21% through 2018


5 Million Economically Empowered By 2020

3.2 million women economically empowered to date

Human Rights

Respect & Protect Rights

25,000+ human rights compliance audits performed to date


100% Of Key Ingredients Sustainably Sourced By 2020

44% of ingredients sustainably sourced in 2018